North Park

The most sprawling of the urban neighborhoods, North Park is a hodgepodge. Cozy, tidy pockets of Craftsman homes on the north edge of Balboa Park (hence the name), dense apartments, and the pre-interstate retail stretches of University Ave and El Cajon Blvd. define North Park. Besides its diversity, North Park is special for the architecture that predominates the neighborhood. North Park is synonymous with the Craftsman cottages and bungalows that reflect California's era of suburban development. Recent years has seen a resurgence of North Park and the gentrification of its sub-neighborhoods. There's lots to do in North Park: dining, nightclubs, arts, entertainment, shopping. It's self-sufficient, and its close to neighboring communities such as  University Heights, Hillcrest and Normal Heights, and, of course, Balboa Park.

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