Why Choose Evan?

Evan Banning is a real estate professional who offers a meaningful difference to his clients— a rich mix of insightful problem-solving skills and a natural instinct for caring about people.

Responsive. Resourceful. Respectful.

This special blend of brain power and heart means clients soon learn that Evan is someone they can trust to quickly and intelligently respond to their questions and needs. Someone who is enjoyable to work with and always looking out for their best interests like family. Someone who not only knows just the right questions to ask, but also when to sit back and just listen.

Path to Real Estate

After earning his degree in Criminal Justice at Arizona State University in 2004, this Sacramento-Area native moved to San Diego to work in finance.  Soon after, he started his first brokerage, which sparked his passion for real estate. 

Simply put, Evan realized firsthand how the economy, finance and the real estate market are so interdependent.  He quickly developed the skills needed during negotiations and understands how the right real estate agent can make all the difference in the world. 


Learning the intricacies of financial analysis, investment management, and economic trends from the top real estate and mortgage producers in the world.  Evan has an invaluable insight and uses this while advising his clients.  Evan also understands that a home purchase may be the single most important investment a family may ever make, he has the empathy, knowledge, and wherewithal to put his clients in the best position to make a smart investment and propel them into future financial stability.

A Trusted VA Professional

Working closely with the military through his early career gave Evan a strong understanding of the needs and dreams of Veterans and their families.  As a designated VApro, his thorough knowledge of the complex nature of VA transactions makes Evan the reliable go-to guy for Veterans looking to buy or sell a home.


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